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C-Map vs Lakemaster

  • Matthew Sandys
    Posts: 248

    I have Lowrance Gen2 graphs and would like to upgrade here sometime when I can save up enough money. I’m looking for better side imagining and mapping. I was wondering how the C-maps compare to the Lakemaster. I’m more familiar with Lowrance but not brand loyal as a lot has changed over the years. From what I can see from watching Tom Boley Bird has a lot to offer. I can’t find much in the way of Lowrance that is real-world like Boley. Thanks for your input!

    Posts: 86

    Have no experience with c-map But have been using lakemaster and humminbird units for awhile and they will leave you regretting nothing. Very good maps and easy to use units. I know I didn’t fully answer your question but hope it helps in your decision

    Matthew Sandys
    Posts: 248

    It helps, thank for your input.

    Seams like there is a lot more information and videos on bird vs Lowrance.

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