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Bside or snow bank

  • Spencer Haugen
    Posts: 59

    For lakers what lake would be best to fish for lake trout I know snowbank you only have half the lake to fish unless you go in to bwca me and a buddy are going up the first wknd of February and trying to decide which lake to hit and types of baits you guys would recommend

    Posts: 26

    I’ve only been fishing lakers for 3 years, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I usually make 3-4 trips a winter to Ely and one trip to Canada. I’ve never fished snowbank, i’ve always heard mixed reviews, so I have always stuck with trying to figure out burntside. The fish are all mixed sizes and as a group we’ve never been skunked. That’s not to say it’s not slow sometimes. Laker fishing to me is equivalent to muskie fishing. If you land one or two, it’s a good day. But you’ll have those exceptional days as well. Last year’s opener I took my girlfriend and we landed 7 fish and lost 4 during the fight. Best day out i’ve had in a long time.

    As far as baits go, rippin raps and tube jigs are my go too. I’ve never used them, but i’m adding bucktail jigs to my arsenal this year.

    It took me personally 3 trips to catch my first one, but it’s been an addiction I cant tame ever since!

    Ben Putnam
    Saint Paul, MN
    Posts: 993

    Andrew is right on! Both lakes are equal in separate ways. The biggest difference between the two lakes is the forage base. Trout in Snowbank feed primarily on ciscos, while the main forage in Burntside consists mostly of 2-4″ smelt. Larger baits can be more effective on Snowbank, while smaller baits may produce more fish on Burntside. Other than that difference, both lakes put out similar quality in the size range and numbers of fish.

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