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Brushy Creek Trash

  • bigdog10
    Waterloo, Iowa
    Posts: 351

    Fished Brushy Friday and it was a tough bite. What was even tougher was to see all the trash that previous “fisherman” had left on the ice. Simply unbelievable. Bottles, cans, propane tanks, dead fish. Com’on people, can we just have a minimum of a brain when we use the outdoor resources that we have been so duly gifted?

    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    I agree. Of all the places Ive fished, Brushy gets trashed the worst. I guess thats what you get when you put that many people on one lake, but what a shame.

    Webster City, IA
    Posts: 198

    Sadly, I think it is typical of many of the the area outdoorsmen. I live in Webster City near Brushy and see this sort of crap all over the place. Briggs Woods gets treated teh exact same way and there aren’t really that many people that ice fish there. The Brushy gun range is often filled with trash. The spillway below Brushy during the summer looks like a landfill half the time with garbage all over the place. There was a permanant shack I fished near a few weeks ago that had a bunch of broken lawn chairs that they had just left scattered around near their shack. They even had one old broken chair hanging in a tree out on the ice. Along with the chairs there were pop bottles, chip bags, propane bottles, etc. Luckily they left their shack open so that I could put it all in there for them so they didn’t lose any of their stuff.

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 309

    torch the shack next time!

    I know the DNR guy is pretty visible, I’m sure a few littering tickets would get the word out.

    It’s a shame on such a great lake too.

    Nashua Iowa
    Posts: 754

    Made a comment to the Warden Sat at brushy when he was checking out our fish He didn’t say much but maybe with enough complaints some thing will be done. I try to take care of some of it myself scence most people fishing there are extremely iresposible. Making an example out of one of the trashy sportsmen (if you can call them sportsmen) on a busy sat might just do the trick. I too am sick of the slobs if you want to party and get drunk and trash something stay home.

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