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Brushy Creek 12/31

  • nick858
    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    I got out on Brushy again today with my uncle. We fished the same general area, but it was much cooler today and we spent more time in the shack. We ended up catching 7 perch, 12 crappies, 42 gills, 3 dink walleyes, and a delicious bass, which I released. Big perch was 12.25″, which doesnt mean much when youre from Minnesota, but in Iowa, thats about as “sumo” as they get in public waters. Big crappie was 11 inches, and we had several gills between 8.5-9. The bass was the best fish of the day, and it fought me all the way out the hole. 20 inches, not sure on weight, but on 3lb Trilene and an UL rod, it was a fight. I was a little disappointed to get it through the hole and not come up with any teeth or a white spot on its tail.

    Once again, baits of choice were swedish pimples, Diamond Jigs, and Gill Pills, tipped with waxies or spikes.
    The spikes did better for us again today, and oddly enough the swedish pimples have outperformed any other spoon this year too. Ive always done well on Kastmasters, and Go-devils, but this is not the case so far this season.
    A couple pics…

    NE IA
    Posts: 804

    Nice fish Nick!

    Doug Bonwell
    Cedar Falls IA
    Posts: 887

    Good job Nick! Happy New Year

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