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Brushy Creek 12/13

  • nick858
    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    I spent the morning on Brushy today 12/13. I got to the lake at about 615, and there were already a few guys out. Right now, the best ice is in the NE corner, and the rest of the lake is pretty sketchy.
    Got set up with a pink ratso on one pole, and a Diamond Jig on the other. Both performed pretty well today, the Diamond jig tipped with spikes, and the ratso without bait.
    I ended up icing 36 gills, and 2 crappies. The gills ranged from 6-8 inches, so nothing too special today. Earlier in the week we were on a good bunch of 8-9 inch gills, but couldnt find them today.
    I kept 6 gills and the 2 crappies for lunch tomorrow.
    A word of advice, with the warm temperature today and tomorrow, and a chance of light rain, I would be very cautious going off the north ramp. Its only about 3 inches as of this morning, and will probably be unfishable by tomorrow.

    Northeast Iowa, Randalia
    Posts: 1537

    Nice job Nick!! Hoping to get over there when the ice is a little better!!


    Posts: 1

    I will be back in the morning to try it again.
    Came home with 20 fish today for dinner crappies and blue gills.
    Fished from 7am-12 in 15 to 20 FOW.
    Wax worms all day on a Red diamond jig.

    Iowa City, Iowa
    Posts: 3037

    Nice fish! Thanks for the report!

    Posts: 17

    Nick, the 9″ gills were out on that sketchy Ice, I was out there from about 8:30 till 1 or 1:30 when there was enough water on the ice almost everyone that was in the group of tents south of the north ramp moved into the NE corner.

    Ice was about 3″ of good ice 1″ of milky ice, caught a decent mess of nice gills and quite a few perch. Saw tons of perch on the cam, mostly smaller ones but I kept about 7 10-11 inchers.

    When we moved into the NE corner we actually ended up on less safe ice than we had out on the lake, I’d go back again but I don’t like the ice anywhere there for tomorrow.

    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    Was out again today. Same story pretty much. Ice was definitely in worse shape, but it cooled off in a hurry and hopefully will be good by the end of the week for just about everywhere.
    I ended up catching 16 gills and 3 crappies, nothing too special today either. I havent got any of the perch yet, maybe with a little more ice I can move around and find some.

    Seth Larson
    Winfield, MO
    Posts: 65

    I’m all fired up about the prospect of hitting the Ice at Brushy this weekend. I was out on Little wall last weekend and I got tired of catching the tiny bluegills and crappie that they have.

    Does anyone know when the Brushy Ice Tournament is this year?

    Eldora, Iowa
    Posts: 367

    According to the Duncombe Gas and Grocery website, it is January 10. I will probably be out this weekend, so post up if you are going.

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