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Early spring bass fishing on Brushy Creek

  • fishingnut57
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    Hate to wait until June to fish bass here in Minnesota so usually pick a new lake in Iowa to do some April bass fishing. From my research Brushy sounds like one of the best bass lakes in Iowa. I curious what time of the spring it would be worth venturing down considering it is a normal year. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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    End of April,first of May.

    Iowa - Franklin Co
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    Tell me what the winter will be like and I will tell you when to come down to fish. Brushy is a neat place to fish and in the spring the water is very clear. I fish it often and it is really a hit and miss lake. LOTS and LOTS of flooded timber that tops out at 50′ so be prepared to search. Once you find them, hang on. Lake also produces some big crappie and gils, again you just have to find the right spot. Somedays I have ice fished with my house touching the other guys, and he out fished me 50 to 1 !!! Its a no wake lake, so be patient if you want to go from one end to the other.

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