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Lost and hopefully found???

  • Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    My Lowrance X67C Ice Machine is missing. I last used it on Tuesday November 7th at Branched Oak. Some friends and I were fishing off the docks near the marina and we were using it to catch crappies. I’m pretty sure I remember carring it up to my car but I may have left it in parking lot. I could easily identify it as it has a little character from a couple of years use. I’m offering a generous reward for it’s safe return to me. It is greatly missed and it will be a long winter without it. If you hear of anyone talking about how lucky they are to have found it please convice them they need the reward money more!!!! If they insist on keeping it let me know who they are so I can have a voodoo doll made in their honor.

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