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Clark Lake brainerd area?

  • drew-evans
    rochester MN
    Posts: 1099

    one of my good buddies will be having his bachelor party at a resort on clark next weekend and i have been asked to bring my boat and fishing equiptment. i googled the lake a little bit and didnt get much information. i was just curious as too what fish i should target on this lake with most of these guys not being fisherman. is it a lake i can troll for walleyes bass and pike?? or is it more of a pan fish lake and would bobber fishing be a good way to target them. not much time to spend looking for fish so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!!


    rochester MN
    Posts: 1099

    Also i could rig lindy’s or three ways for fish if that is a good tactic?

    Posts: 8428

    3 waying at a bachelor party…Nice!
    Here is the Dnr’s info sheet on the lake.
    Clark Lake

    Blaine, MN
    Posts: 5428

    Walleyes are not really worth chasing, great pike and panfish lake though. Decent largemouth lake. There are many other lakes in the area that are much much better and worth the short drive trailering too


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