Bowfishing Without a boat?

  • rednax
    Southern WI
    Posts: 40

    I started bowfishing last year but i only find good numbers of fish during spawn and once in a while near a dam near me (southeast Wisconsin). Anyone have spots with decent numbers which are accesible without a boat?

    Tyler Schaefer
    Southern Minnesota
    Posts: 67

    Not near you. In southern mn theres lots. Ive been itching to get into bowfishing!! I see everyone does it and i see alot of people standing on shores!

    Chippewa Falls, Wi
    Posts: 383

    If you are by or in Milwaukee, I can tell you a few spots that I used to. You have to be careful though as you’d be discharging a firearm within city limits. Let me know if you’re interested in the spots.

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