Bluff’s Boat Launch closed for reconstruction following Labor Day

  • Paulski
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    Hi Guys,

    Not sure many folks have heard this, but per the Washington County newsletter I get mailed once or twice or a year, on the last page, pretty much the last sentence, there is a notice to campers that following Labor day this year the boat launch at the Bluffs will be closed for reconstruction. Why that is not highlighted in their construction section, or elsewhere is beyond me, apparently, only campers use the launch per their marketing geniuses.


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    lots going on with launches on the Croix this year…

    Brian Klawitter
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    Sept 6th is the day it’s closing.

    Charlie W
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    I used to work there as a summer job. What are they fixing on it? Anyone know?

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    I heard about this three days after I bought a season pass there, less than a month ago… smash

    Justin riegel
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    Anyone known if the Oak Park Heights launch has begun yet?

    SE Metro
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    Anyone known if the Oak Park Heights launch has begun yet?

    I was down on that stretch of river Monday and there is still no activity on the proposed site.

    Who can say they are surprised…..

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