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  • daveeast
    Posts: 25

    Fished about 4 hours Wed 4/22 for crappies and not a bite,
    tried all the spots where should be, but no luck. Talked to other fishermen and women and same report from them. They must have lock jaw.

    Newton, Iowa
    Posts: 229

    Water temps are still a bit cool…Only reports I’ve heard from Big Creek are the occasional walleye. This cold front coming through won’t help any…we need a good week of warm temps…then watch out!!…

    Posts: 19

    The crappies are still deep and suspended. I caught some in 40ft of water and they were suspended at about 15 ft. Slow trolling jigs with tubes (chartruese). Fish should start moving up shallow soon.

    Posts: 19

    Got out Thursday nite and fished from 6-8. Caught 30 nice crappies in about 12 feet of water off of a point. Pitching a 1/60 oz. jig with a red and white tube. The fish were very finicky and biting very lightly. Most fish cleaned were females and still had eggs. Should only get better in the next week or so.

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