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  • uhlee1
    Dav. IA
    Posts: 146

    Got out to Big Creek over the weekend and it was fair I guess. For only my third trip there we did O.K. The crappies were pretty much everywhere if you where on the North end, and some nice bluegill here and there. The walleye we were after didn’t cooperate and only ended up with a few small ones. But we did end the day trolling up a nice 21” Largemouth. All in all we could have slayed the panfish while dodging the boat traffic but that pesky walleye fever made it a slow day. Always good to be out though.

    Iowa City, Iowa
    Posts: 390

    Thanks for the report. That’s a nice bass. I know there are some hogs in there – i had them chasing my little walleyes in and hitting them a couple years ago.

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