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Any Reports??

  • goody
    Iowa (Des Moines area)
    Posts: 65

    Kind of surprised nobody is posting results here….figured there had to be some folks catching something besides me…maybe just being tight lipped.

    Still doing well on the main lake when I get a chance to get out….very few small gills and very many HOSS gills (all released for your catching pleasure). Even a nice crappie here and there if you try hard enough. Gills have been aggressive in places, but very skittish in others. Still a lot of fun to say the least….love to have that rod doubled over with a gill the size of a crappie!


    Central MN
    Posts: 3817

    Goody, I used to live near Big Creek back 8 years ago when the pretty much drained it and killed off all the fish. Sounds like the fishing has recovered real well. That is good news. I owned land on one of the creeks that flowed into the lake and there were always A LOT of musky in there in the spring. They were small but the action was real good!

    Des Moines, IA
    Posts: 199

    Awesome report Goody. THANKS for releasing the big gills.


    Des Moines, Iowa
    Posts: 161

    glad to hear something is biting now, maybe they still will be this spring

    Grimes, Iowa
    Posts: 170

    I got a report from a pretty reliable source and he said that he has been hitting 15-17″ walleyes near the dam in 50 ft of water. Aparently the fish are suspended 25-30 ft. Most fish caught on minnows with some coming from jigging rapalas and swedish pimples. Hope I can get out and try it this weekend.

    Iowa (Des Moines area)
    Posts: 65

    Thanks for the report Zamer…hope that person is keeping those fish cuz at that depth they are dead fish. I wont fish that deep cuz I know it kills them and dont need any more fish in the freezer for now. Thanks for the report though!


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