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Big Creek weekend tournament results

  • bigesox
    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 309

    Well it was the first time the Cedar Valley Walleye Club has visited Big Creek. Conditions were tough with the rain in central Iowa and the bright sun later in the day. The winner did manage a 26.5 incher and a 24 incher along with a 40+ inch muskie. The second and third place finishers both had 15 inch fish. As you locals know there are many sub-legal fish and many were caught.

    Personally I trolled a jointed shad rap along the 1st drop off to the sand flats and managed 4 fish. I wasted a good part of the time trying to feed them a leech, minnow or crawler. Got to trigger a stike, not wait for them to feed. Also got to trust your instincts, Grasshopper. That was my lesson from the tournament.

    Everybody had a good time and agreed that you central Iowa anglers have a good thing there at Big Creek. If you could just get rid of those pontoon boats, then you’d really have something.

    Center of Iowa
    Posts: 727

    Do all people on pontoons drive around screaming and at full throttle? I went down sunday and couldn’t believe what I saw.

    Des Moines, Iowa
    Posts: 161

    having a good thing is questionable, but it is a very popular fishing lake here. I was out there the night before your tourney and caught squat.

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