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Big Stone 6/4

  • zooks
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    Was back out in Ortonville last weekend for a birthday party and got my parents to watch their grandkids for the day so I could take the FW out for a bit of fishing. My dad got a tip about a weedline close to town and there were enough fish on it to make for a pretty good day on the lake.

    Ended up with 5 eyes and 8 panfish in the box with one tubby 10 1/4″ gill going back in the lake, missed two more eyes and one crappie at the boat, too. 8-9 FOW pulling spinners and crawlers around 1.3mph tight to the weeds produced all our fish, gold blade with green beads had 70% of the bites.

    Had heard the bite was slow but we caught all our fish between 9:30am – 1pm when we quit for lunch so I’d say it’s worth the effort to go look. Have also heard the night time shore fishing bite was still pretty steady and based on the weed growth I saw, it should be OK for another week or two at least. 70 degree water temp and about 7′-8′ water clarity, both normal for this time of year.

    Hope this helps, good luck if you go.

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    Oakdale, MN
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    Nice bunch of fish. Suprising no perch were around with the other species.

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