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Big Round Lake – muskies?

  • Nice Fella
    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 415

    Just curious on opinions or experiences out there as to the general fishability for muskies on this lake. You always here about the “Big Chip”, but not a lot on Big Round. Anybody have much luck chasing ‘skies out there?

    Minocqua, WI
    Posts: 1511

    nice fella:

    Very fishable, but probably a better lake in low light conditions… Some very nice fish come off of Round each year…


    Posts: 16

    Round fishes a lot different than other clear area lakes! There are very few deep weeds 17-26 feet. We target a lot of suspended fish near neck down areas between bars and humps. Areas where lots of batfish congregate. Lots of bulldawgs and night time trolling.Fishing a lot of the shallower weeds can yield results but they are generally smaller fish 30-37. There are always muskies in Mud Lake as well. Generally smaller. Here is one of the nicer open water fish we have pulled from Round a few years ago on a pounder!

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