Better line cutter than a net….first open water 2017

  • Nic Barker
    Central WI-Northern IL
    Posts: 380

    My dad and I fished below Dubay Dam on the Wi River today.
    Cold weather had it very slow we only saw a handful of fish caught.

    My dad landed a 20ish pike then promptly hooked up with his first musky. I attempt to act as a net, however I may be mostly to blame for the fish swimming away with a lure still in its mouth and us having no pictures to show…… doah bawling I only had one bite all day with a 13in walleye on a floater rig.

    Quad Cities
    Posts: 2647

    Sounds like a situation most of us have been in. Shrug it off, but at the same time try to learn from it. The Joys of Fishing.

    Michael Saal
    Merrill, Wi
    Posts: 613

    Keep us updated with the walleye run. I’m up in Merrill and it’s usually a week or so after the run down there.

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