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Best trolling line for walleye

  • Ben Hesse
    Posts: 13

    Any recommendations for trolling line for Great Lake eyes and inland walleyes? Currently running braid and not nuts on the lack of stretch think it is costing me some fish lol. Any recommendations?

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    What rods are you running, drags set accordingly?

    Ben Hesse
    Posts: 13

    Fox river 7’6 and drags are real light maybe I’m being to critical. Buy have some where I feel like I’m pulling out in hard hits

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    Best trolling line-Hi there sweetheart can i sniff your white spot.

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    Best trolling line-Hi there sweetheart can i sniff your white spot.

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    Chris Messerschmidt
    Posts: 541

    I used to run 10lb Berkley XT on everything. But also have a couple of rods with Suffix 832 braid that seems decent.

    But last year I switched to Berkley XL 14lb. It has a higher breaking point but the exact same diameter (0.014in/0.35mm) as XT in a 10lb.

    I found myself breaking off less, while still having that stretch.

    This was mentioned to me by Korey Sprengel. In all honestly great advise as well.

    Upper Midwest
    Posts: 4195

    There are a lot of options out there that can work. I’m no expert but have ran quite a few different lines over the years. The most important thing I’ve seen is to match the line you are using to the correct rod and drag setting. I personally run braid now as it dives deeper and lets me notice fouled baits easier.

    I used to pull mono a lot for long lining cranks shallow. With mono you can get away with more types of rods and keep the drag set at a typical setting. The stretch allows you more of a margin for error with hooks ripping out of fish. It does take a bit more line to get to desired depths. Up shallow this can be helpful though.

    With braid (suffix 832 or Power Pro) I like a longer rod that has a bit more give, and I set the drag quite loose. I like it so that anything larger than an eater size fish hitting a crankbait will immediately start pulling drag out. You’ve got to be quick to react with braid on a good hit to either get the rod in your hands controlling the drag or slowing the boat if needed. I run a 8′ mono leader to both give me some stretch AND help with line shyness.

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