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Lake Bemidji Update

  • Pat McSharry
    Saint Michael, MN
    Posts: 713

    I spent the last weekend fishing Lake Bemidji. It proved to be fruitful, but was definitely on the slower end of the spectrum with many of the fish being very scattered and only really finding two different concentrations of fish.

    All of the fish that we caught were in 6-9 feet of water, and were very picky when it came to presentations and bait selection. Shiner minnows definitely out fished all (big surprise there) and a live bait rig out-fished jigs by a pretty good margin – they were definitely wanting a slower moving presentation. With the water temps being 39-43 degrees, I have to believe a lot of fish are either spawning or just getting done spawning and are not quite where they typically would be during this time of the year. Areas near old reeds and bullrushes all produced some fish, as well as shallow sand and gravel.

    With warmer weather on the horizon these fish will start showing up where they should be, instead of the fish being way up tight on the flats, they should start sliding out onto the break lines in 10-16ft and will become a lot more fishable. It’s funny how you don’t realize how much you rely on your electronics until all the fish are in 5 feet of water and you cant mark them!

    Overall we caught 15 fish between 16-22″ on Saturday and with 30 degree mornings and 40 degree water temperatures, i’m not complaining!

    Ben Brettingen
    Posts: 605

    Great Report Pat!

    Were you seeing wind being a major motivating factor last weekend in terms of concentrating fish? Was lack of wind a contributing factor, or primarily just water temps in scattered locations of fish?

    Pat McSharry
    Saint Michael, MN
    Posts: 713

    Lack of wind was definitely a contributing factor. The lake would lay flat for large portions of the day keeping the fish rather spread out, but I will say there were a few times during the day that the wind decided to blow for a half hour and many of the fish we caught were during that time frame.

    Overall the wind wasn’t dictating where the fish were necessarily, but was definitely triggering a few bites when it decided to pick up.

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