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Post-Snow Report…

  • jrholland93
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    My how the scenery around here has changed in the last week! We went from nearly bare lakes to snow-packed messes. Sled riding is perfect in the area right now though, and trekking back into some of the small backwoods lakes is truly beautiful…

    I’ve been loving tullies this year, and they are still biting, even when we’re not chasing them… Should be an incredible spring push.

    Walleye and perch fishing remains good. Fished on Friday for a couple of hours while waiting for renters to come in, and did quite well. 33′ of water on Lake Bemidji, midday, mix of Lindy Frostee Spoons with minnow heads and bobber rods with Frostees and full minnows put out some tullies, 5 nice eater walleyes, and a big bucket of jumbos. One of the best midday bites I’ve had out there this year.

    Renters that came in did quite well, lots of walleyes and perch, some pike, and a few beautiful burbot.

    Over the weekend I had the pleasure of taking our a client who happened to be from my hometown! Fun day reminiscing and knocking on some panfish. 22′ of water, -20 degrees. Was a cold sled ride, but we stayed comfortable in the X2 and only had to drill 2 holes. Pannies seem to still be very active, and still riding nice and high off the bottom.

    Been a great year for all species, we’ll see how things settle in after this snow has a chance to affect the lakes… O2 should be depleting in shallow with the lack of sun penetration. We’re looking at roughly 15″ of snow on the lakes, and more is incoming!

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    Matt, thanks for the report. Still have hopes of getting up that way this winter. Sounds like you’re still on a good bite.

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    Bite remains stellar!

    Well, we got roughly 14″ of snow, on top of the already existing 13″ plus… Travel off of plowed roads is not advised. If you are using plowed roads, be sure to respect them, and not drill on the roads, or block them. Tossing a $5 at the plow guys doesn’t hurt either…

    On a good note, the fish didn’t seem to care one bit that we had a giant front coming through! Walleye and perch fishing on Lake Bemidji continues to be quite good. Renters came in on Friday and caught fish on the first 4 drops when they entered the house, and had steady action all weekend. Pretty even mix of walleyes and perch, even mid-day. Deeper water is still putting out, but we’ve stuck to the mid-depths around mid-lake structure. Set lines are producing well. Family went out in the blizzard and found that the set lines are producing, as are bigger spoons tipped with a head or Lindy Darters in gold or dace.

    Panfishing is also going strong. We hit some untouched water on Sat. pre-storm with sleds and struggled to find pods, but once located they were hot. Last spot of the day we found fish 4-6′ under the ice over 14-21′ of water on a steep break. Literally fished right under the ‘ducer on the FL-22HD… very fun and surprising this early in the season! We managed a pile of crappies, biggest going 14″, and 3 ‘gills over 10″!

    Good luck out there, and be SAFE! Bring your shovel, tow straps, and common sense!

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