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Bear tag – Over the counter

  • Riviera1
    Posts: 4

    Have a few bears roaming around our hunting land and I’m thinking about giving it a shot if I can get a tag. I was wondering if I had to be there right on Aug 5th to purchase a tag or is it pretty slim that there will even be leftovers. Thanks

    Bob Ford
    West Side Mille Lacs Lake
    Posts: 185

    You have to be there right at noon. The person running the license machine has to know what there doing as you only have a 5 second window. We have two licensing machines at our store, I have been successful at getting one tag out of each machine before the system crashes every year.

    Posts: 4

    That’s good to know. Thanks for your help.

    Central Mn North of the smiley water tower
    Posts: 2283

    Also considering. Is there a list of available licenses for which areas?

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