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Bear Box Size

  • crappie55369
    Mound, MN
    Posts: 5106

    headed up tomorrow and just have a question about the bear boxes. im a little confused. the dimensions on the VNP site say:

    Bear-proof food lockers hold two standard 48-quart coolers that are: 52″ wide x 36″ deep x 21″ tall.

    Well this is way larger than even 100 quart cooler dimensions both measured in my garage and from what im seeing on specs online. Ive watched plenty of youtube videos and from what i can tell there is a divider in the center of the bear boxes but it doesnt appear to go all the way to the back. So my question is can you fit a, lets say, 100 qt cooler in one of these? Or does the site say you are restricted to 2 48 QT coolers because of the divider in the middle and the inflated number above is actually meant to be the total amount of 2 combined 48 QT sized coolers?

    The reason i ask is my best cooler is a coleman extreme 100 QT and if i could bring that it would be ideal. Otherwise im looking at bringing a bunch of smaller coolers which is less than ideal.


    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
    Posts: 806

    I don’t know the exact size as I don’t camp up there but they don’t look big enough (from a distance) to fit a 100qt cooler.
    PM Xplorer on here, he camps up the multiple times a year. He will know what you can fit in the boxes.

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1364

    Couldnt you hang it in a tree as a backup? Just an idea.

    Mound, MN
    Posts: 5106

    Couldnt you hang it in a tree as a backup? Just an idea.

    Interesting idea. im not sure i would try that tactic with a large cooler. ive done that in the past in the Boundary Waters using a duluth pack.

    We will be fine if we need to bring my smaller 55 QT cooler and a few 30 QT ones it would just be better if i can use my larger cooler in the bear locker

    Erik Swenson
    Posts: 263

    We camped at Wolf Pack last fall and my recollection is that your cooler will fit in there and then some. Lockers are pretty good sized. There were two of them at that site and neither had a divider down the middle. Could have slept in that thing in a pinch. ha

    Jon Jordan
    St. Paul, Mn
    Posts: 4721

    You could pick up a Lifetime 55 qt cooler at WallyWord and call it good. tongue

    Great cooler for the price BTW.


    Gitchi Gummi
    Posts: 1721

    Couldnt you hang it in a tree as a backup? Just an idea.

    Hanging a 100 qt cooler in the trees, high enough and in such a way that a bear couldn’t get it down, would be quite the accomplishment.

    Crappie, I haven’t seen the dimensions of those particular bear boxes but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any bear box that’d be able to fit a 100 qt cooler. 40-50 qt, sure, but not as big as 100 qt.

    Charlie W
    TRF / Pool 3 / Grand Rapids, MN / SJU
    Posts: 760

    Coolers should fit just fine. The sites I’ve stayed at have held the largest size Coleman extreme before they have wheels on them just fine.

    Mound, MN
    Posts: 5106

    thanks all. ill just be bringing my smaller coolers for this trip and can reassess later as i plan on returning to VNP many more times.

    Cloquet, MN
    Posts: 574

    Just saw this.
    100 QT will not fit. My buddy brought one and we could not get it around the front bar and into the box (the doors shut toward the middle on the front, and there is a chain that gets latched in the middle to hold them shut)
    I use two 70 quart coleman extreme’s (no wheels), one on each side straight in. I can also get our garbage bag and dog food in there between the two coolers.
    The other bear box gets a couple dry boxes with food in it and a smaller cooler.
    Looks like you’re gonna have great weather, best of luck, you’re gonna love the site. Hope they got the dock repaired from last years high water. And don’t heitate to throw a slip bobber off the rocks in the evening, you’ll get smallie and eye’s there!!

    Cloquet, MN
    Posts: 574

    Oh, and the “52″ wide x 36″ deep x 21″ tall” is the size of the bear box. But that bar down the very front of the opening keeps you from getting a 100 quart in the box (at least the one my buddy had).

    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 832


    1. 20230518_163305-scaled.jpg

    Kibble Geebig
    Posts: 22

    Camped there numerous times…100 qt is too large

    SW Metro
    Posts: 7921

    Enjoy your trip Crappie, and post a report and pics when you are back. You will love it!

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