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Bayfield Fishing

  • scottaheller
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    We will be visiting Bayfield area in a couple weeks and plan on doing a lot of kayaking around the area. Is it worth fishing the shorelines at all? I’ve never done any great lakes fishing but plenty of walleye, bass and pike in lakes around northern Wisconsin. I’m guessing Shad Raps, Ned rigs, spinners along the shore may pick up something, maybe?

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    I worked all the bays from Washburn up to Raspberry Bay last week. Washburn had the best weedbeds / structure and the most fish but I also spent the most time there. If you havent been to Madeline and are planning on going I have a word of caution: wierd Hippys everywhere, lots of masking required and strange people. The bay just north of redcliff casino had some pike in it also. If your kayaking I’d set yourself up for trolling then cast the bays were creeks dump in.

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    Do you do any ice fishing in the Bayfield area on Lake Superior? I was planning on swinging up there this winter and am looking for some tips and pointers.

    Thank you in advance.

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