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  • dirtywater
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    I have never gotten into live bait rigging. When I fish live bait it’s usually a leech under a slip bobber or a jig/minnow deal. I’ll be fishing a lake this summer where I’m reading that rigging is the key presentation. If you were in my position and you were headed out to scheel’s or wherever, what would be in your cart? I want to keep it kind of simple. Don’t need thousands of beads and blades in every imaginable color. Been thinking it might make sense to just buy a handful of pre-tied snells, but even then I get to the store and the variety is overwhelming. Help me get started?

    Fwiw this is a relatively clear and deep shield lake with primarily boulder and rock bottom.


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    I think you hit it with getting pre tied snells.
    I would go with some simple Slow Death rigs with just a single bead. A few Slow death Smiley Blade rigs in different sized blades. Bottom bouncers in different weights, 1oz, 2oz, etc.
    Of course the Slow death rigs are for crawlers only so get a few plain hook ones so you can go with a leech or minnow.

    I personally like the Smiley blades because it takes very little speed/movement to make them spin.

    Chartreuse, gold, orange, purple are good colors.

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    Targeting walleye I assume? If your using a leech on a bare hook often a single bead helps. Then you might want some weights under an ounce also.

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    No reason to over think rigging. Get a ML rod and reel setup, spool it up with 6 pound monofilament and use the rest for tying leaders. On the business end a half ounce sinker and bead on the main line tied to a barrel swivel, then tie on a 4-10’ leader of mono and a #6 Octopus hook.

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    Agree with fife. Maybe some lighter weights in case you are fishing shallower too.

    Now if you plan on pulling blades on a crawler harness or slow death hook then we are talking different scenario.

    Jon Jordan
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    You may catch more fish being a good jig / minnow fisherman than a rookie rigger. tongue


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    Thanks for the ideas guys.

    John Rasmussen
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    Don’t over look a minnow rig either, just go pre rigged for now. I like to have some with a float and others with just a bead. VMC has quick change weights so you can switch from an 1/4 to 1/2 as needed, I fish mostly a 3/8 ounce and prefer the stick style weights. I prefer a med light rod for this application. If you have more questions feel free to PM me, rigging is how I fish most of the time.

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