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Atv starter?

  • Red Eye
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    2 years ago I blew up my ‘04 sportsman. Installed a Chinese top end off ebay. Wheeler has ran fine since but it turns over terribly hard. New battery turns it over but not fast enough. Starts on first pull of the rope. I have not tested it but I think compression is higher with new top end.
    Question is do you think a new starter would help? Could starter be getting weak?

    Isle, MN
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    I would lean towards battery getting weak, rather than starter.

    404 ERROR
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    Hook it to a jump box and see if it’s the battery. Replace the battery if all is well and DO NOT use Polaris branded batteries, they’re absolute garbage.

    If that’s not it, I would check the decompression ball in the cam. Maybe a spring was installed incorrectly, keeping the weights pulled out and not allowing the exhaust valve to open slightly on startup. Or something is sticking and the weight is stuck in the “run” position.

    I’ve seen starters fail on Polaris units, but it isn’t super common. If the battery is good and the cam is functioning properly, I would replace the starter.

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