Area Panfish Report – Early May

  • loren_keizer
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    Well I have been taking advantage of the beautiful Spring we have been having and getting my boys out in the boat after panfish, mainly crappies. The bite has been very good and should continue to remain strong in the area.

    The areas we have been targeting and getting fish have been the 7-10′ range in areas with evergrowing cabbage. We have not spent much time up in the shallow water yet but other anglers have been reporting fish up in the shallow, shallow reeds. Water temps are ranging from mid 50’s to lower 60’s. We’ve been using live bait very sparingly, sticking with various plastics on small jigs under a float. Fancasting to find active fish, then using the spot lock/anchor feature on the trolling motor has kept us on fish and allowed us to make small adjustments if need be. An occasional bass or pike has kept the boys entertained as well and offered up a good fight!

    Here are a few pictures of the boys with some of the fish we’ve been catching. For as good as the bite can be at times, it’s been good to be able to teach them selective harvest.

    1. Caleb-Crappie.jpg

    2. Caleb-Bucketmouth.jpg

    3. Caleb-Board.jpg

    4. Boys-Crappies.jpg

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    Pics are freakin awesome, way to get those kids on fish!! toast peace

    SW Wisconsin
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    Way to go Dad! waytogo waytogo Smiling kids and outdoor pics of fishing, boating, hunting, etc. are the best. yay

    James Holst
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    Pics are freakin awesome, way to get those kids on fish!! toast peace

    Double thumbs up on getting the kids out. Great pics!

    Rhinelander, WI
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    Nice work Dad!

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