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aqua deck worth it?

  • jerad
    Otranto, IA/Hager City, WI
    Posts: 586

    I have snap-in carpeting in the 208 Lund Tyee. Would love to get rid of that but not sure if the aqua floor products would be durable enough for fishing boat flooring. Anyone installed it in your boat? Which company did you use?

    SW Metro
    Posts: 6978

    Aqua Traction is pretty sweet, and extremely durable from what I’ve seen/heard.

    Posts: 416

    As long as you dont fish with a big dog with nails. They will damage any of these products.

    Posts: 5829

    PITA to clean by real nice on the feet.

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2443

    I have decking in my boat, bought it that way so not sure what product it is, but it is awesome and if I bought another one it would have to have it. No way I would go back to carpet. It is only in the main floor area the front and rear deck have carpet on them.

    Ralph Wiggum
    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 11261

    SeaDek seems to be the gold standard in higher-end pleasure boats. Carpeting in boats (especially fishing boats) is just plain stupid.

    Plymouth, MN
    Posts: 7883

    No way I would go back to carpet.

    I’ll never go back to marine carpet again either. The boat I bought in 2015 has the non-skid vinyl/polymer flooring in gray. Until I bought this boat, I had always had carpet in previous family fishing boats. I was initially skeptical when I considered buying it. One season changed that completely.

    Its so much easier to clean and maintain than carpet. No stains, no rips. Wash down with a hose if needed. Isn’t hot in the sun, and isn’t slippery when wet.

    Jake D
    Watertown, SD
    Posts: 281

    Does anyone have a ball park cost on getting this installed in a 17-18ft tiller boat?

    Jeffrey Trapp
    Milbank, SD
    Posts: 249

    I’d say pretty close to 2k Jake. Seems like about the going rate.

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