Anyone know a good small engine repair shop – Generac generator.

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    I told my fishing buddy to treat the fuel in his Generac GP2200I and told him to Start it and let it run every month. Guess what, He did not listen. We have our Canada trip in about 2 weeks. Told him to be sure and pull it out and fill with fresh fuel and make sure it runs. As I expected, it would not start. I told him I’d try a few things to see if I could get it running. No luck. I called around to a few small engine repair places here in town. They either are way backed up ( 2-3 weeks ) or they will not work on it. The few I found that would work on generators at all, would only do so on a Honda. Anyone know of a repair person in the saint cloud or North metro are that I may try??? If I cant find a place soon he will most likely end up buying a new one. A Honda this time. I bet he will listen to me and treat the fuel and start the new one monthly.

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    Clean the carb and you’ll be golden. Those things are simple. The Honda will give you the same issues. The generac is a fine genset

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    I tell ya what, sometimes those generators when left for a long period will not even fire on the 99th pull and just miraculously start on the 100th.

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    He may as well get used to working on small engines if he’s going to leave fuel in them and not run them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Honda a Yamaha a Kawasaki a Suzuki or whatever. You can’t out Japanese the problem of bad fuel.

    I’m sorry I can’t help you out directly. I just had hand surgery and will not be working on much of anything for several weeks.

    The small suitcase generators are not as hard to work on as they would first appear. The Generacs are actually pretty easy.

    The model number you gave is actually the series number. There will be a model number sticker on the side of the generator that gives a longer model number. That is needed to find out which replacement carb fits.

    If this is one of the ones that has the Eco mode then there is an electronic throttle control on the carburetor. The only sure fix here is to replace the carburetor as a unit with the electronic throttle control. They can be purchased separately but I wouldn’t want to do one and then find out the other one is the problem.

    If I were you given the time of year I would just give up on a small engine mechanic. This is the busiest time of year and there’s just no way you’re going to find someone to do a quality rush job. This time of year everything’s a rush job.

    Personally I would look up the carburetor online and then look to see if there are any YouTube videos that detail how to replace this. I didn’t look but I’m 99% sure there will be. These generators are very popular and obviously carb issues are the number one problem with occasional use power equipment like this.

    The last time I did a carburetor for one of these generac generators it was about $65 for the whole unit including the electronic control. So that’s probably gone up and let’s say it’s $75. Still cheaper than trying to get it into a shop.


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    #1 reason i went with a duel fuel generator so i can avoid carb problems. good luck and hope you can find a new one before your trip. just used my duel fuel with propane in VNP. worked great

    i was also looking for a new small engine repair place since my neighbor is too busy now to look at my ATV. called a referral a few days ago and left a message and havent heard back yet

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    A little ways away Marthalers in Sauk Center has always been good for me.

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    I knew this was going to happen. This buddy tends to be hard on equipment and learns things the hard way. I think he’s going to just buy a new one for the trip and I’ll see about getting this one up and running later. I could only locate 1 video on youtube on how to clean or replace the Carb. To someone who’s fairly mechanical I’m sure it looks easy. To someone ( Myself ) who’s not all that mechanical it looks rather difficult. Just getting all the housing apart and back together would drive me nuts. If I could get to the Carb. rather easily I’d try and just spray it with Carb. cleaner and see if that would work. The video I watched said the jets on this unit were rather small and would clog rather easily with poor fuel. It said often just a few sprays of carb cleaner would work. It may be a project for a rainy days when I have nothing else to do. I tried to just pull the plug and put a little fuel in and see if that got it running. It would only run for a few seconds each time. Once it used up the fuel poured in it was done. I kind of knew I’d not get that lucky. I know if he gets a new one I’m going to keep it for him at my house and take care of running it often in the off season. That way I know it will work next year when it come time to go to Canada.

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