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Any one have some tips on Koronis camping this weekend out there?

  • mrpike1973
    Posts: 1263

    No spots is it a regular find the weed edge or fish deeper that kind of info never fished it before. Looking for bass and maybe eyes pm if you want. Again not spots I see it has a cisco forage base so dark colors silvers I would guess. Thanks

    Pequot Lakes
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    I was told be to find the old River channel on the map for walleyes.

    Posts: 1080

    Since we are on the bass sub forum I would assume that’s your target? I know some guys on here fish those lakes but I don’t have any insight personally. Those lakes out there, especially koronis and Clearwater, are crazy cool looking on a map though! Good luck, pike

    Posts: 1263

    Went out this last weekend camping it was a struggle but each day we scratched out 6-10 bass each trip one bonus pike nice one. We got off the lake when a bass tournament got off. Many caught nothing and everyone said very tough fishing this weekend out there. I really like the lake big enough to find your own spots and a challenge to hone your skills. Thanks everyone for tip ideas and help. I plan on going there more now.

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