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any good pike spots???

  • Jakob DeMattos
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    I’m looking for a good pike spot for this sunday. I don’t know where I could go on the Mississippi if I where to go, because I don’t really want to stay in Rochester this weekend. I really just need a spot where ill get some action while I wait for the tip up’s to go off. id go to silver creek reservoir, but that’s been so packed lately and I feel like its been over fished already for this season. anybody have any other good spots other than in Rochester? Mississippi, winona, Wabasha, Mankato, etc???

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    I personally have never tried it but I hear people talk about catching northerns at Prichard’s by Kellogg a lot

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    Pike at Prichards is an early ice thing as a rule. Baypoint harbor in Red Wing offers some pike fishing if you stay closer to the open water at the inlet. Wabasha Marina might have pike roaming near the inlet too. I think right now finding some ice with a bit of moving water will be a benefit. Marinas and harbors can offer that on the big river.

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