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Am I The Only One

  • B-man
    Posts: 4350

    Cool song for a Friday night

    Posts: 3394

    Had to play it a couple of times cause it was that good, in my play list favorites now.

    Posts: 34

    That is a great song !!!

    Posts: 341

    There are plenty of Americans who feel the same way he does. If only they could stand united and speak out, America could be great again. The elites of our country have created a system where those who value intelligence and common sense, can have their lives damaged or destroyed for telling the truth.

    Posts: 212

    Great song. He’s not the only one.

    Justin Laack
    Posts: 394

    Yea very good song, a lot of truth in the song, loved it ever since it first came out back in ’21. It ranks right up there with “country boy”

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 7316

    He’s sure not the only one, but he and others like him seem to be in the minority these days. Let’s hope that EVERYONE starts using the brain they were born with to start seeing what’s going on around them and do what they can to fix things.

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 1027

    Not the only one. That song holds special meaning as Aaron was a favorite of one of my best friends who we lost in a car accident a year and a half ago. He loved to crank that one up.

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