Algae: The Final Frontier

  • broeker
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    Over the years I’ve learned to embrace milfoil, and lily pads, and other natural grasses.

    But one thing I’ve never figured out is the dang algae blooms, the ones that attach themselves to said natural grasses and foul every single hook, lure, or bait that has ever been invented.

    I will do almost anything to avoid such areas, but it seems worse than ever this yeae (along with the skeeters.) Today, after cleaning my “weedless” wacky for the millionth time, I accidentally dipped 2″ it into the water next to the kayak and it was fouled worse than it had been prior to my cast.

    If somebody out there can invent a lure or a bait that can slip through this garbage like a hot knife through butter, I will pay big money.

    p.s. In the meantime, i have recently started wearing 50 upf fishing gloves, and have discovered that the algae loves those gloves more than it loves 6 lb flouro and steel hooks. Instead of picking it all out with my fingers, I swoop my glove over and it seems to latch on like a predator.

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    I’m with you worse I’ve seen in years and so darn early.

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