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Bowfishing report 07/05/10

  • suckerslayer
    Red Wing, MN
    Posts: 433

    With the high water the carp are back in the backwaters and are very shootable!!! The key is finding clean enough water so they can be seen. Thats what I did this morning not a stones throw up river from Everts resort. I was able to shoot about 20 carp in three hours and missed many more. I had a crack at a gar as well but they are hard to hit!!!

    Its a good thing you showed up when you did BK or there might have been a few “let go” under your camper!

    If you get out, good luck, be safe, and let me know how you do!


    Posts: 5130

    Is that on Oneida you are shooting? If so, I didn’t think they were still around, lol.

    Bowfishing is a blast. I still have my carp bow but have not used it in close to 10 years now

    Posts: 2998

    thanks now i got the itch now its just a matter of trying to get out thanks for the update

    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 1545

    Been wondering where you have been this year. Thanks for the report. Keep slaying them.

    Red Wing, MN
    Posts: 433


    Is that on Oneida you are shooting? If so, I didn’t think they were still around, lol.

    Yep thats an old Tomcat II. They work great as bowfishing bows and the company still produces some bowfishing specific bows. Osprey

    Mpls, MN
    Posts: 2895

    Still trying to get out unfortnately.

    Good to see somebody is hitting a few.

    Thanks for posting.


    stillwater, MN
    Posts: 2466

    Nice work!! What was the biggest fish?

    Posts: 34

    Anyone still at it? Took out a friend last night and he managed to shoot 16 commons that almost filled up a barrel. many were in the mid 20’s with a couple at the 30 mark. I watched him miss one that would have gone high 30’s… Unfortunately I still am out of shooting commission for the rest of the year. Some of the best fishing is yet to come for those who can shake off the chilly nights!

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