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93 SV vs. 106 SV

  • scottaheller
    Posts: 132

    Can anyone provide a comparison between the 93 and 106? I will primarily be using it at the drivers helm for mapping, side and down imaging. I already have a 93 on the bow with sonar and livescope that I want to network with the helm unit.

    Thanks for the help!

    Jim Stoeckel
    Above the clouds.
    Posts: 109

    There’s the obvious size difference.
    The 93SV only has ONE data port. This will limit your ability to easily link units and a livescope. You will need to add a hub to link multiple units and a livescope. I’d rather eliminate parts, wires and connections. There are some very nice Black Friday deals to be had. I have yet to hear someone say that their graph is too big. The larger the graph, the more detail you should be able to see due to reduced image compression. Unfortunately, you’ll also see a few extra $ going out of your pocket.

    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1346

    I’m planning to pull the trigger on a 106sv Ultra with the sales in place ($999 with the GT-54 transducer),but may sit tight till a sale comes up with the GT-56 transducer. I’m by no means an expert, but have used an older 93sv echomap/chirp unit.The upgrades to the 106sv from a 93 sv include better resolution and bigger screen of course, which I feel will best benefit the side view function. I’ve taken a look at numerous youtube videos by MG Marine tech. The info that young man provides on numerous unit/tranducer comparisons should answer any questions you have.

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    The 106sv shines on SI/DI when used with the GT-54 or GT-56 as it has one of the best pixel densities of any unit Garmin sells…Its debateable if the screen image is better on Livescope as the GLS10 dictates the image output, not the head unit… The processing speed of the 106sv is also alot better, you’ll notice this on boot speed, maping and just basic navigation through the different screens.

    I don’t see any benefit in waiting for the eventual Head unit sales including the GT-56, you likely won’t see them until next Black Friday and its alot cheaper to buy the current offer and resell the GT-54 and then buy the GT-56 separately…

    When I purchased my 106sv during last year’s BPS Sale, I sold the GT-54 it came with for $150 and then purchased a brand new GT-56 for $300…The GT-54 private sale market is completely flooded now, so don’t expect that return anymore, but its an option…

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