2016 End of Year 8 Best fish pic\'s from Southern Wis Rock River.

  • jeff-patrick
    Fort Atkinson, WI
    Posts: 2128

    End of year ended strong, wish I didn’t have to winterize boat but with 20 degree temps coming it’s time.

    1. 5.21.16-eye-pitching-bypass.jpg

    2. 9-10-16-eye.jpg

    3. bola-oct-9.jpg

    4. 9-11-walleye-25-incher.jpg

    5. 9-18-16-best.jpg

    6. 7-9-16-40-inch-plus-pike.jpg

    7. 2ND-BIG-EYE.jpg

    8. 5.19.16-winning-walleye.jpg

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 13210

    Very nice fish for that system. Congrats on another great year on the Rock

    Menomonee Falls, WI
    Posts: 1020

    Pretty darn cool JP. Saw it was a good fall on the river. Too bad I did not get out but that is OK. Good family times!!

    Be well.


    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1398

    Glad to see you got some big eyes, Jeff. toast No big ones in my boat this fall, which I thought was strange, but plenty of eaters. Yarcraft is put away, but winter boat is ready to go, just in case.

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