2004 Crestliner SuperHawk 1800 – Trolling Motor

  • Jon Renaud
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    Hey, looking to install a bow mount trolling motor on my 2004 crestliner superhawk 1800. Just wondering the ideal shaft length for this particular crestliner model. Does anyone have any input?

    N Metro
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    I would recommend going with a 60 inch shaft and 80 pound thrust trolling motor.

    Johnie Birkel
    South metro
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    I have a 60 and 80 lb on my 05 fish hawk.I don’t think you will be able to get 3 batteries in the front tray so 80 is as big as you go. On the river a 112 would be nice occasionally, but not needed on lake. I had a 12v from the old boat for a year and it was marginal on lakes, but not good on the river. That boat has a lower bow, so the length isn’t a huge deal.

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    80lb thrust with a 60″ shaft will be perfect. No where to put the 3rd battery for anything more powerful.

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