2 reality stars pass

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    Bob Harte from “The Last Alaskans” has passed away , as well as Preston Roberts from “Mountain Men”… both from cancer. I know quite a few on the website watch the programs. Cancer can find you anywhere, even in the outskirts of society.

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    Ya Glen, both seemed like nice guys. You could tell Bob didn’t want to move in with his daughter in Fairbanks, that he’d rather live in his cabin north of there. Preston was Ustes’es friend and lived close by him, we’ll see it on the show what happens now.

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    Haven’t watched Mtn Men but was really captivated by Last Alaskans. Bob was the real deal, that’s for sure.

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    Sad news for sure.

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    Ustes will really miss Preston, good friends like him don’t come along often, especially in remote areas like they live. Thanks for posting that, I didn’t know about Preston, Sad.

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    Just found out that Preston was a school teacher and lived in a church in a nearby town. They met in an Appalacian college in the 80’s and after they became friends Preston, his son and Ustes drove a buggy from North Carolina too Montana and then back. Preston was married when he died. Ustes and his brother rode their horses from North Carolina too the Pacific ocean around San Diego then rode them back.

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