2 person flip 4 hole configuration

  • acarroline
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    Have my first side door 2 man flip (yukon thermal xl). Been using a front door
    Non thermal for years. What are the hole configurations people use and why? Looking for 4 holes (2 people, one jigging and one deadstick each), and heater/vex’s.

    Farmington, MN
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    I only have one door in the center front of my flip over. I put all 4 holes in-line with the flasher and heater behind the holes. Wish I had the side doors. It would make getting in and out easier. I am not too sure how I would lay it out with doors in the corners. Mabey stagger the holes to get good open corner area. Set it up in your garage, grab some paper plates, and see what you like. We can only do 3 holes with my buddy’s house.

    John Rasmussen
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    I also have a Yukon front door. I drill holes two in the front corners for deadsticks and two more one in front of each seat for jigging. Heater is off set a little from center so closer to one of the deadstick holes, and vex’s next to or in front of the jigging holes. It’s tight but doable. For the guys who put the heater behind them, how do you not burn holes in your jackets and such?

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    Sense you do not have a front door, 2 up front for dead stick and 2 in front of each person for jigging. heater and graph between the 2 front holes.

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    I do two against the front wall right in the corners for dead sticks, two inline with the doors, closer to the center for jigging, and one dead center for the livescope. Heater goes against the front wall on a folding stool. And livescope right in between the two rear holes.

    That being said. Ideally I run two jigging holes inside, and two deadstick holes about 20 ft out on eachside of the shack. Lets a guy cover more area. I try to run this configuration whenever possible, Less going on inside the shack.

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    I am leaning towards the two deadstick holes in the upper corners and the two jig holes a little bit more towards the center. This way we can go out the door without crossing over a line. Once I get the shack put together it will be interesting to see where I want the deadstick holders (Catch rite pole-clamp style) and where I put my otter rod holders (attach to the tub, swing in-out). Guessing with side doors the otter swing style rod holders will be closer to the middle than on the outside.

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