1999 tyee 1850 dashboard rebuild

  • Randy Kemp
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    Has anyone found a place to get a replacement for an older model dash. I live in St. Louis and can’t find a dealer with any information and Lund mfg isn’t any help. If you have any ideas please share. If you have had the same problem and retrofit a newer one please share a pic. Thanks foe any help.

    River Falls, WI
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    Great Lakes Skipper has lots of consoles. Haven’t bought one from them but have bought other stuff from them, good service. Just got my 2018 Impact back from the dealer, this is my 3rd starboard side dash and 2nd port side in 5 years. Not impressed with dash construction overall. I believe Taylormade makes the dash but could be wrong. Either way Lund told me no more replacements under warranty so next time it starts cracking it’s staying that way for a few years until I fabricate my own dash out of aluminum, which I am NOT looking forward to. Consider yourself lucky that your 1999 lasted this long.


    Randy Kemp
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    Thanks for the reply!! Mine has been cracked for about 7 years and been dreading the rebuild. Had a few soft spots in the floor and decided to get it done before spring and was hoping for an easier resolution.


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    Randy, Can you post pictures of your journey and rebuild?

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