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1999 Articat 550 Panther

  • Ron Ross
    Posts: 2

    Looking at buying this sled. Just want it fir ice fishing and some trail riding. Might use 2-5 times a year. Any concerns or tips?

    central mn / starlake
    Posts: 232

    that 550 is one cat’s best motors. check the drive clutch very well

    Kevin Yopp
    Posts: 182

    I had a 1999 330 panther … was a great sled for fishing and trails … very reliable. If it’s in good shape, go for it!

    Johnie Birkel
    South metro
    Posts: 291

    I did have a cougar which I believe had the same 550. I did have trouble with the oil injector that would stick open and needed a few fixes. I also had an Indy 500 from the same years and felt that was years ahead of the Artic cat. The cat was significantly faster, but the width of the hood/front end, poor rear suspension, handling, and design were not comparable. Still have the 500 and dumped the cat awhile ago.

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