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In the late ‘60’s I fished the Crow River in Hutchinson every summer when school was out. Us kids caught good size crappies, a few northerns, carp, dogfish and bullheads. Never caught or have seen caught a walleye. When I first heard about eye’s being caught there…I thought it was anglers that didn’t want people to really know where they were catching them…but with some extra time this last week, I stopped down to the dam a couple times.

Yesterday, I met a Crow River Rat Jonathone Derickson of Hutchinson (pictured). He shared his recent success with me fishing for walleyes on the Crow. Before the recent high water, he was limiting out by using a jig and white 3 inch twister tail. Actually, white is his “go to” color, but he had success with green and yellow tails too.

As I was watching him, he fished them the same way that James uses BfishN Tackles Ringworms on the wing dams of the ‘sippi. Cast out, let the current bounce the jig along the bottom, and as the jig swings around WHAM! Fish ON! Sometimes the strike would come with a slow…very slow retrieve. He was fishing the under water structure and rocks along the bridge footings

It being a river, to spice things up a carp would be foul hooked and a fight was on to see who would get the jig. Many times it just popped out of the carp…other times it was a fight to the finish.

While I could only stay for 45 minutes, Jonathone had four eye’s up to the bank. Two fish on the first two casts! One dandy slipped off bankside, one was about 13 inches and was returned for next year and two were headed for the frying pan.

Two days prior, I watched as two fisherman from the Dassel area go home with 7 eyes in the 15 to 18 inch range.

Thanks for sharing your information with us Jonathone! It’s great to see the ol’ Crow River handing out some nice size walleyes!

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  1. Not unless you have a rubber raft!

    Above the dam is boatable, but the fish are below the dam. No need for a boat really. With an 1/8 oz jig, you can cast half the with of the river at the dam and all the way across a few hundered feet down river.

  2. Cool. Let me know when you want to hit it! Maybe sometime when you are visiting the good side of town I can come over and we can fish it a bit!

  3. Just talked to a friend last night that is catching them below the dam also. May have to take the rod along on the way to pheasant hunting tomorrow.

  4. Don’t forget the white twisters and 1/8th oz jigs!

    Kooty, I’m not sure when I’ll be going back…generally I only have an hour here and there to fish…but I’m going to sneek out when I can!

  5. I spent two years in Hutch and fished the crow and lake jenny regularly. The Crow has a decent population of walleye. It’s hard to belive since there’s so much nitrogen from field runoff during the summer months. I’ll bet before farming and took hold of the region it was an awsome fishery. Lake Jenny also has some huge eye’s and is nitrogen filled during the summer.


  6. Shale, I’m not sure…my memories only go back to the sixties…but my folks said that even in the 40’s the Crow had a siltation problem….AND a sewage problem…which I can attest to as late as the early 70’s. It would be interesting to know if there were eye’s in there back when Chief Little Crow was terrorising the area.

  7. Hey everyone. Sorry it took so long to get posted on this site. Lifes been a mess lately and super busy. Im the guy in the pics on the river. I have caught nice walleyes out of that crow river since early 90’s. this last fall was really nice. must have caught about 100-200 walleyes out of there. average size was between 2-4 lbs. and had a few on that would have hit about 5lbs. that river can produce some nice Crappies yet and has a lot of Northerns rangeing from 2-10lbs. But when that river wants to produce…let me tell yeah, I will fish it all day long and do lots of CatchNRelease. cant eat all the fish i cauch. The resavoir in early winter can also produce some walleyes close to dam. well thats all for now. need to get some sleep

    Till next time… Dont let your tackel deturmine if u gotta Release a fish !!!!

    Jonathone Derickson aka Davon…??? what ever he called me

  8. How can he keep the Walleye’s?? Is’nt that considered inland waters??? By my map……It’s way inland!

  9. There are no fish in the Crow River.

    The few that are there taste like 3M adhesive. Locals are just used to it.

    Health advisory: Eat only 1 – 12″ walleye every 5 years.

    Don’t need a lantern at night. They glow!

    Besides, the Highway 7 reconstruction project will take care of any fishing in that river.

  10. Welcome to the site Jonathone! Sorry about the name thing!

    Putz is from Hutch and he’s hoping to go back soon…so if you see a guy fishing the Crow that smells like old Lutefisk…say HI! He’s a cool guy…no matter what I say behind his back.

    He does have a point. Sounds like our dam is going to be a thing of the past soon. I don’t understand how these “new” dams work, but it’s going to be interesting to see the next few springs after it’s constructed.

    Keep us posted on what’s happening out there!

  11. Why would he post a report from that long ago? His oldness coming through and he forgot something?

  12. Chapster, I posted this back in Oct? I asked Jonathone if I could take photos of him and his fish, then post on IDA. Also asked him to sign up…

    He just got around to doing this and replied to my thread. (Which brought it back to the top.)

  13. Quote:

    Kinda like the fish behind the plant!

    Is that why the water beads off the fish?

    In Hutch back behind the “magnetic” plant..we used steel sinkes to catch our fish…the fish stuck to the steel.

  14. Hey Chap, thanks for mentioning the cottonwood…do you know anyone down there that would have a 3 foot cottonwood tree?

    A bunch of us guys were thining about planting a new one…”in memory off”….

  15. That’s the thing about secrets…….. Your supposed to keep them! Brian, Your the one who told me!

  16. hey guys thanks for bringing back memories of fishing the crow we used to fish it at Delano,when we went up to our grand parents every year during july 4th.never caught much more than bullheads and carp but we were kids.thanks again

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