pre and post cold front out in Sodak

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With some whacky weather moving through the uppermidwest the past couple weeks it has been tough to keep fish on a pattern as far as location goes as well as feeding patterns and what the fish want. Before this massive cold front swept through we saw fish high up in the water colum eating shrimp as well as gorging on mudflats on bloodworms. Fish were on the tips of main lake points and well as adjacant mudflats during the day. When the fish are aggessive 1/8oz slender spoons in the new silver with red stripe as well as silver with green were turning fish. It is so fun to see a fish come 6-7 feet off the bottom to meet your spoon and inhale it with a minnow head or a wad of spikes on business end. Now lets move to post 10 inches of snow and cold front.

Fish are in same locations but prime bite periods were key as the barometer was through the roof and it was roughly 0 the first day I made it out here after the big freeze. Fish would come in to aggressive slender spoon jigging but would not take the bait. Most fish were caught ona 10mm checkai or smaller majmum jig in red and orange. It was a great tactic to deadstick the smaller jig and aggressively jig the slender spoon next to it. With proper drilling of holes the lx-7 easily picks up both lures and shows them nice and clear. I like to run chart mode when doing this as it easily shows fish size, lure size and seperation when your stacking the box as I like to say. I work the next couple but will be out on the ice come monday and tuesday. Hope you all have a chance to get out on some fish soon, tight lines and slimey hands. Be safe – Q

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Quintin Biermann

A master of the shallow-water, flat-land bites of South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes and Prairie Region, Quintin Biermann, or QB as he’s known to friends, lists the walleye as he’s favorite species. “Mostly because of the savvy it takes to Full Bio ›


  1. Great report Quintin. I agree on using that chart mode. On my lx9, I’m finding that as soon as a fish rises up, i look almost exclusively at the chart. That digital view has so much information!

  2. Those are some great fish there Quintin! I was just up fishing Bitter last weekend and those lakes up there are loaded with nice fish! All of our fish were caught on perch colored go devils with minnow heads… We left and headed back to Lincoln last Monday afternoon right before the storm rolled in.

    Layne Monroe

  3. nice work there Q, with a bunch of snow and a warm up, I see a trip in my very near future. The snow should be settled and driving around should not be an issue. It’s easier to get out of town when you don’t have to get the wheeler and trailer ready too.

  4. Great report, Quinton. I’m looking forward to getting back to my hometown of Watertown and get some fishing done this weekend. Your report will help.

  5. Thx Q for the report
    Now i just need to figure out what to bring,,,,
    ATV, Snowmoble, both, or?
    IA sucks this season for the most part so i need another SD run before softwater.
    Wondering about that tourney out there from the 8th-10th if that’s going to be a Zoo to want to stay away from or???

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