Monster November Muskies

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I write to you tonight after one of the most beautiful evenings on the water in a long time! The giant muskies are biting in full effect across the state and I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time on some big water. The fall pattern for me is chasing cisco feeding “BLONDE” beauties that are in the deep basin all summer and come shallow in the fall to join the “cisco orgy”!! Big baits are a must and extreme determination is needed this time of year to brave the elements.

In early november I had motor problems and was hopping boat to boat until my rig was fixed. Now i’m back in the Crestliner and back on the chase! Knowing what to look for in the water temp. I made sure to keep in touch with my good buddies and get them up here when the bite was going strong.

The way that I have been mostly fishing is casting pounder bulldogs and madussas around and near shallow flats adjacent to the deepest water. I usually start as deep as I want to fish and then work my way in shallower the next pass around. Starting at depths of 20 ft. and then maybe go around at 10 ft. then finish inside out casting from the “crown” of the structure. Long casts with a pull- pause has been the key and boy have those fish latched onto the big rubber!

The weather has been pretty good up here on the iron range lately as the lakes started to freeze thursday night and have warmed 3 degrees since. I havn’t figured my plans for the end of the season but it sure would be nice to get one more shot at a true giant again! Hopefully I can piece together one last muskie report for the season and finish out strong! Keep safe on the water everybody and stay parked on those fish!

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