Wapogasset musky

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    Looking for help on Wapo. Idaho guest ,musky virgin, wants to fish musky locally next week. Apple too green so want to try wapo but not familiar with musky there. Any help on what to throw and where would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Can’t really help with your question, but am going to ask of some others.
    Another thought might be to head north to Bone.
    Think there’s some Musky to be found there too. Agian, not a Musky guy so can’t help, but from what I’ve heard, bone’s a good shot at one.
    If any other info becomes avaiable, I’ll pass along.
    Good luck, have fun. Supose to be a beautiful weekend

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    Try slow rolling larger (3/4oz) spinnerbaits just off deep drop offs near points that have weeds. Shouldn’t be hard to find out there. The point just outside Mort’s to the West is a good start spot. Water is getting green, so you may have to adjust color and blade size.

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    I also vote on bone lake. Some bigguns in there

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    Bone, Deer, Cedar, Big Blake are probably better waters to try.

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