Quad city report Sunday

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    The bite today was pretty good for our boat . We caught a few nice greenies pitching ringworms . There was a decent vertical sauger bite at times. Paddle tails were the best choice for saugers. Here is a few pic’s from today.

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    Well done sir and great pics

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    Nice fish! That first picture is a fatty!! Saugeye or sauger?

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    hey jigfan good to see ur posts again its cupspits from pool 14. what boat launch are u using i would like to give that area a try this week im off work all week. also are u doing better on wingdams,channel, or dam?

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    Looks like you found them. Great Job and your father look like he is enjoying the day.

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    Nice Piggie!

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    Way to go. I can’t wait for the weather to warm enough for me to get out.

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    good stuff…..off the rollers?

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