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    Tried contacting Everts Resort last night, and today, phone line has busy signal. Anyone know if the store will be open this weekend?

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    Everts will be open this weekend. The resort never closes. If Steve’s not around some one else will be there to tend to you.

    I’d go for it!

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    I’m here! The resort will be open. Sorry for the inconvience. Maybe you can get my fiance to stop talking so much! Ha Ha. Probably shouldn’t say that…..she checks this sometimes. Ramps are open, I have bait and the fish are biting really really well!!! Cya tomorrow.

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    See ya in the morning, Steve. Can’t wait to get back out on the open water!

    Weatherman say 35 degrees…..hope he is right. Anyone else headed out?

    Jon J.

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    you bet i’m headed out. i’ve had enough of this ice fishin’ stuff

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    yup! I’ll be there.

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