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    I am looking for a good walleye rod/reel setup. I want to stay under 100 bucks for the whole deal, what is out there? Is there such a thing? Also, what do I look for when choosing a walleye rod/reel, weight, length, tip, what? I like to vertical jig and would like to try casting light jigs more but have not had any success with it. Any help would be great. Sorry if this question is on here already. Thanks for your help.

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    Talk to Mike at HOF, they make awesome rods, i have a St. Croix blank and a okuma real very nice set up. Not sure what the total cost was when it was all said and done but its worth the money.

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    If you’re looking for one rod to kind of cover the gammet, I’ve got a rod/reel combo that I think would be suitable.

    I have a Fenwick Venture, 6′ Med/heavy spinning rod, 6-17lb. recommended line test. This would be too stiff for jigging if it were a Croix or Loomis but it’s got a softer action out front and the power stays down the blank. I’ve done both jigging and casting with it and it’s really a great, overall “do-it-all” versatile rod! Wal-Mart sells them for $50.00.

    I also have a brand new Shimano Sedona 2500FB spinning reel that I can let go. I got it on sale to have as an extra but that’s all it would be…….. an extra. So I can match that up with the rod. Sedona’s sell for $50.00 new as well so we’re talking a $100.00 combo here. I’ll let her go for $65.00. That’s a like-new, excellent shape, no defects rod with a brand new, in the package Shimano Sedona reel to go with it. Won’t find a better deal for equal gear bud!

    Where’s Dickeyville? I’m in the Minneapolis to Mille Lacs area weekly. If we need to ship, I’ll do it in protective PVC for cost.

    Send me a pm if you’d like to make arrangements!

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    you can’t go wrong with a 6’6″ medium to medium light rod that handles anything from 1/8 oz to 1/2 or 3/4oz jigs. pair it with 6-8lbs test mono and a med. size spinning reel that will hold 150 to 180yds of 6lbs line.
    for the pole fenwick, berkley, shakespeare, all make decent poles from $25-50.
    for the reel shakespeare, diawa, shimano, cardinal all make decent reels for $25-50.
    i would cheat towards the reel with the majority of the money and get as many bearings as you can afford and infinite antireverse.
    just my $0.02 worth.

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    Berkley bionic rod sold at wal-mart for 50$ is a good start it comes in many lengths That leaves 50$ dollars for a reel that there are many good ones for the moneyWhen choicing a jigging rod its probably the most personal piece of eguipment you will ownI would be willing to say out of ten fishermen you would find at least 8 different setups depending on personal preferenceIf you had the opportunity to try a couple different set ups it would probably help in making the all important decision on a jig set up personaly like the Berkley bionic 7 ft medium action for most of my jigging needs

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    Go to Bass Pro Shops.

    They have great combos in IM8 and HM-60 graphite with quality reels (Sahara’s and Mitchells) for $90 to $110.

    These are GREAT rods!!!!!!! I have several.

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    I am going to be checking some rods out in the next week or so. I will check for that one and look into it more. Thanks. Oh yeah, it is down at the southwest corner of WI. About 10 mins north of Ill., Iowa, WI Border. RIght by Dubuque, IA.

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    I have a 7 foot fenwick rod and a mitchell reel they come with 2 spools I use no heavier than 6 pound test good mono nad other spool has a super braid so you are set for all occasions. The smaller mono works best for jigging and the long rod makes for more senstive feel. I am not good at jigging but seem to be better than those I fish with.LOL…

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    Welcome to the site Greyghost!

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    You sound like you are in the same boat I was in a little while back. I bought a Gander IM8 Pro Select, 7′ medium action, spinning rod for $59.99. I paired this up with the Shimano Sidestab spinning real at Gander for $29.99. I like it so much I am probably going to buy another, but with a 6′ rod and same real. The Shimano is smooth even in the cold and has the rear drag. I have 6# Iron Silk hi vis green line. I have been usingthis for vertical jigging for now, but plan on using it for pitching plastics.

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    Would I be better off to go with a ML. I have a IM6 in a Med right now and I really have to concentrate on what I am doing to feel the bottom jigging 3/8 in 20 fow +-. Anyway when I try to cast I can not feel the bottom whatsoever without beefing up my jig head so big I believe it is ineffective.

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    I sent you a private message.
    Bob B.

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    I use Berkley Lightning Rod, Gary Roach Series and Mitchell Avocet Gold reels (model 2000). Tested 4 set ups like that last season and they worked great all season long. For jigging I like Berkley Fireline 10lb test, 4lb diameter. You can feel just about everything with that set up, even with smaller jigs. Good luck!

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    I just picked up 2 setups at Gander last weekend- 1 6 foot medium Lightning Rod and 1 6 foot medium light Lightning Rod, each paired with a Mitchell 308X Gold spinning reel. The rods are $29.99 each, the reels are $49.99. I know we’ve had this topic before and the people that have more money than I do love their Loomis & St. Criox (and I have fished with them and find them to be quite nice as well), but as I’ve said before, for my money, the Lightning Rid is the best value on the market. This will be my first experience with Mitchell, but since I can’t find my beloved Pinnacle Deadbolts anymore, these seemed a suitable alternative, and they balanced perfectly with the lightning rods. Anyway, just my $.02.

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    How many deadbolt ltd’s would you like – I have several I would part with for a reasonable price… still have all the spools and likely original boxes – they are size 25 – shoot me a pm if interested – Chuckles

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