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    Anybody know if Skeeter or anyone makes a pedestal & bike seat that pivots for more for leaning against. Cabelas sells them but they don’t have the rite post that will lock in to the base. I have the standered skeeter pedestal – bike seat that only adjusts for height and is for sitting on. It’s for a WX 1880.

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    I have the Pro tilt version I’ve used a few times and really like. It is very easy to adjust. Goes from sitting flat to 50 degrees. Has held up really well.You have to buy the sprinfield post that matches your skeeter and that post needs to be able to take the rod diameter on seat mount. It just slides in and you’re ready to go. I’d bet you could get completely set up at cabelas. Just need to know which post you have. Take a sample if you need to. Beleive Fleet farm might have everything you need to.

    Haven’t tried the second listed. Sorry, this got kinda long. Good luck

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    While we’re on the subject of bike seats, years ago I saw someone that had a “bike seat/pedistal” that was more like a unicycle type seat. It was narrow, banana shaped and high in the back. You could straddle the seat – great in the waves when you’re rocking and rolling – especially for us short guys. Would buy one if I could find it.

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    Never seen one like that. Custom made maybe??? Like the idea. Seems it would take a little pressure off you lower back.


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    I’ve got my pro seats and pedastals through Cascade Depot. My 2010 WX 1850 has the plug in series bases and pedastals, greats service and fast shipping. If you look around on there website I’m sure you’ll find what your looking for.

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    Thanks for the info Trollingeyes. I still have a problem. My boat uses plug in post with a plastic button on the side of the post to lock it in the base. The plug in posts from Cabelas and Cascade depot don’t show that plastic tab? What would lock the post to the base if it don’t have the plastic tab? Any more info would be great!

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    Sounds like you might be describing this item. Check this in the search box on the website to see if it’s what you need. jdc

    Spring-Lockā„¢ Power Stand-Up Pedestal

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