Salmon shore fishing report for Algoma , WI

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    Went over to Algoma on Sunday to try the Salmon run. Very warm conditions. Started off in the Algoma Marina Harbor about 1930 and fished until 0130 without a single bite. One rod had Marshmello’s and the other Spawn Sacks. A couple of guys in the corner (above the culvert) caught one good looking Coho.

    Monday- Went up to the Damn to see conditions Very little water output. Only a few in the river, which was trickeling.
    Went to Washington Street- TOO MANY PEOPLE. I saw one guy get a fish on and the other anglers (sitting 5 feet away) did not even bother pull in their lines. Could not fish around people like that. Guess he was having some success with Spawn Sacks.
    Decided to just sit it out in Algoma Harbor. Got back their around 0900 and it was already sunny and warm.The company was good, but fishing very slow. Had one almost take the rod over the rail; it so hard. Set the hook and played it for 3 seconds and it turned and then nothing. I reeled in to find it broke a single hook on the #4 Treble. Too bad, would’ve been a good fish (and only one). We fished all day and sat out the sideways rain until 0300 with no other bites. You could see them, but they had no interest in Spawn Sacks.

    Tuesday- Awoke at 0500 and ran over to Kewaunee (footbridge). Same situation, warm and sunny. After drowning my spawn sack for 4 hours with no action, I decided to hipboot my way accross the river to check a pocket. I saw some big ones in there, but they were not interested in my little cleo and was heading back when a guy talking to my dad said my rod was clicking; he went to grab it and it shot into the water. Luckily my father neglected his dry situation and jumped into to save my St. Croix. Dad; you get an atta boy. I had to get back home by Tuesday afternoon. So we got the big SKUNK

    I would love any input on suggestions with going up a better time or advice on picking these critters off. Thanks to all and good fishing.

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    Sumofrog; I’ve not fished Algoma, but shore fishing Lake Michigan from Port Washington in fall I’ve had a hand of goto baits. One if you can find but they don’t make anymore I guess, is a 3/4 oz. GLOW rattle trap. I’ve tried diffrent sizes and colors but haven’t had much luck with the other ones. Unfortunatly for me, one of my sons lost all 8 of the ones I had in 2 seasons. I saw some in the 1 oz. size at Gander Mt. but that might be too big. Glow green spoons seem to work good too.
    My real personal favorite would have to be the Storm Thunderstick Jr. Green with orange belli& black stripes.Also like jointed Rebel Fastrac in the glow green.
    One evening one of my sons caught a big King with a big Rouge in its mouth. He uses the deep divers with good success. Sorry I don’t remember the color he sticks to.
    Some nights they go nuts, some nights they won’t hit hardly anything. Seems like when a fresh bunch roll in you’ll get a lot. One night no one around me was getting anything except myson on a dark orange reef runner. He say’s he’ll only do good on that one once or twice a season.
    My best advice is to have the baits I mentioned above and then a bunch of others incase they don’t work. Sometimes you just have to throw the tackle box at them till you find what works. Get some high crome silver spoons, a good assortment of cleo’s, and some perch or clown colored crocadile spoons too! Have at ‘em and good luck!
    One last note. Use the glow colors during the day and not just when its dark. you don’t need to flash them till dark either.

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    Otstanding! Thank you so much for your input. I will keep your advice in my tackle box and on the line. I must say; I threw my Bomber deep diver (18 Ft.) Clown Crank and thought it was hits, but maybe snagging with one of the trebles. It was kind of wierd…reflecting I believe they were short striking. Oh well, I hope to get back up there this weekend, if the wife will let me. The way gas is now, it’s a chunk of change from the other side of the State. Maybe I can talk my buddy Steiny in splitting the cost of gas. Hey, thanks again and Good Fishing!

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