Basemap vs Insight?

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    Question to those with Lowrance HDS units. Do you have the Insight map? What is different compared to the Basemap? Is it worth spending the extra $$ for the Insight?

    Still haven’t decided between HB and Lowrance HDS, but am leaning toward the HDS with Structure Scan. However, the mapping options need to decided on too.

    Thanks for any input.


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    Though I run a chip, supply limitations steered me to purchase the Insight option on 2 of my units.

    So far it has been worth the extra money. It provided details on the last lake I fished that the chip did not cover very well.

    Also a blessing if you forget your chip or it goes bad.

    My general rule of thumb. Always have one unit with the pre-loaded maps. It’ll get you by until you decide which chip/s you will primarily need to purchase.

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    I run 2 HDS units in my ranger one base map and one insight and in my opinion unless you fish offshore where your fishing structure that is miles long its not really worth it. When you zoom into a fishable level the 3D goes away and it goes to the normal map.

    But on the otherhad I agree with having it if you have one unit incase the chip reader fails so you do not ruin your trip. which is why my second unit is an insight unit because when i had just one it failed on me!

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    I spend most of my time on Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior and I have both the Insight and the Navionics chip for my HDS7. For my use, I prefer the Lowrance Insight map as it seems to have better detail for the bay and the area around the Apostle Islands. When I go to inland lakes, I’ll try both maps and choose the one that seems to offer the best view. I’m glad I got the Insight option although I have never looked at the maps of the base model. jdc

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    Is there a list of lakes covered by the Insight Map?

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    Thanks Lucky Dog.

    So any lake on that list is a contour map?


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